Madam Secretary: Family Separation: Part 2 USA (2014)

Sender: USWCBS (Englisch)
Begin: 2019-01-06 22:00 60 Minuten
IMDb: 7.6 (18K)
Genre: Drama,


Regie: Eric Stoltz, Dennie Gordon, David Semel, Martha Coolidge, Eriq La Salle, Mark Piznarski, Jeremy Webb, James Whitmore Jr., Randall Zisk, Jonathan Brown, Nicole Cummins, Tate Donovan, Anna Foerster, Rob J. Greenlea, Gloria Muzio, Edward Ornelas, Michael Waxman,

Téa Leoni Elizabeth McCord
Geoffrey Arend Matt Mahoney
Tim Daly Henry McCord
Patina Miller Daisy Grant
Erich Bergen Blake Moran
Kathrine Herzer Alison McCord
Evan Roe Jason McCord
Zeljko Ivanek Russell Jackson
Bebe Neuwirth Nadine Tolliver
Wallis Currie-Wood Stephanie 'Stevie' McCord
Sebastian Arcelus Jay Whitman
Keith Carradine President Conrad Dalton
Patrick Breen Andrew Munsey
Marin Hinkle Isabelle
Jamie Petrone State Department Advisor
Nilaja Sun Juliet
Dion Graham Diplomatic Security Head Agent Fred Cole
Johanna Day Admiral Ellen Hill
Josh Hamilton Arthur Gilroy
Kevin Rahm Michael 'Mike B' Barnow

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DVD Beschreibung:

All 23 episodes from the third season of the American political drama starring Téa Leoni as US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. As part of her role, Elizabeth comes up against a whole range of foreign and domestic problems while often clashing with her fellow senior staff. In this season, Elizabeth negotiates a regime change in Algeria and is forced to act quickly when an American journalist is kidnapped in Sudan. The episodes are: 'Sea Change', 'The Linchpin', 'South China Sea', 'The Dissent Memo', 'The French Revolution', 'The Statement', 'Tectonic Shift', 'Breakout Capacity', 'Snap Back', 'The Race', 'Gift Horse', 'The Detour', 'The Beautiful Game', 'Labor of Love', 'Break in Diplomacy', 'Swept Away', 'Convergence', 'Good Bones', 'Global Relief', 'Extraordinary Hazard', 'The Seventh Floor', 'Revelation' and 'Article 5'.

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