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USWABC 22:00 Kevin Probably Saves the World: Probably
Kevin goes to Laos with Tyler in search of the first righteous soul Yvette has doubts about their mission Amy decorates for Christmas and decides whether or not she s ready to date again.
USWNBC 22:00 Chicago Med: Naughty or Nice
Dr. Charles learns a troubling fact about the man who shot him Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker come to an agreement during a complicated surgery Will and Natalie have an ethical dilemma April and Noah discover working together isn t always easy.
USWNYW 21:00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Game Night The Favor
Rosa begs Jake to help her break some big news to her parents Seamus Murphy returns to redeem the favor Holt owes him the precinct looks for loophole that will allow Holt to uphold his end of the bargain without breaking the law.
UKITV 21:00 Bancroft
Bancroft helps Katherine and Anya with the Fraser case but they are struggling to find any decent forensic evidence. Katherine and Joe s relationship progresses.
USWCBS 20:00 NCIS: Double Down
Gibbs and the team investigate the altercation that caused injuries to Sen. John Phillips son Torres and Sloane must protect the senator as they travel from Afghanistan back to the states.
USWNYW 20:00 Lethal Weapon: Wreck the Halls
The Murtaugh family heads to Hawaii for Christmas the vacation is put on hold when Murtaugh and Riggs are called to investigate a homicide Riggs gets a surprise phone call from a relative just in time for Christmas.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Live Semi-Final Results
After three artists are revealed to be safe the bottom two are sent home the middle three artists compete in the Instant Save for the last spot in the finale.


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USWCBS 22:00 Scorpion: Who Let the Dog Out Cause Now It s Stuck in a Cistern
The team anxiously awaits the verdict of Cabe s trial which could send him to prison they use their nervous energy to try saving a dog stuck in a cistern.
UKITV 21:00 Bancroft
USWCBS 21:00 Superior Donuts: Homeless for the Holidays
Franco convinces Arthur and the rest of the gang to help a homeless man who becomes ill at the donut shop Tush and Sweatpants compete to be the more popular Santa.
USWNYW 21:00 The Gifted: eXploited
Jace is forced to hand over something valuable to Dr. Campbell the team is divided on what they should do next so Reed and Caitlin take matters into their own hands.
USWPIX 21:00 Valor: Stay Frosty
The Shadow Raiders are sent on a mission that could prove dire for Nora and Gallo Jimmy makes a choice with big consequences.
USWCBS 20:30 Man With a Plan: Battle of the Sexists
Andi accuses Adam of unconscious bias after he only interviews men for a job Andi helps Kate fight for a spot on the boys soccer team.
USWCBS 20:00 Kevin Can Wait: Trainer Wreck
Kevin botches his mission to help Vanessa get a date with a handsome personal trainer Chale reluctantly takes advice from Kyle when the health inspector stops by.
USWNYW 20:00 Lucifer: The Sin Bin
Lucifer s determination to get his devil face back may get him into trouble Trixie is introduced to Charlotte and questions the relationship she has with her father.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Live Top 8 Performances
The top eight artists perform for America s vote for the first time ever the artists team up for competitive mashup duets.


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USWCBS 22:00 Madam Secretary: Minefield
Secretary of State McCord agrees to host a holiday party to persuade senators about a landmine treaty Henry looks for evidence that the senate majority leader exchanged information with the Russians.
USWCBS 21:00 NCIS: Los Angeles: Forasteira
The team tracks a highly-skilled assailant determined to avenge her father s death by killing a Brazilian diplomat.
USWNBC 20:20 NFL Football: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC North rivals square off when the Ravens pay a visit to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. Pittsburgh won the first meeting of the year between the two clubs 26-9 getting 144 rushing yards and two touchdowns from running back Le Veon Bell.
USWNYW 20:00 The Simpsons: Gone Boy
The town puts together a search party after Bart goes missing Sideshow Bob tries to force his whereabouts out of Millhouse.
USWCBS 20:00 Wisdom of the Crowd: Live Stream
The team tracks a killer targeting online celebrities and broadcasting their final moments on a livestreaming platform Sara worries about being banned from using Sophe.
USWABC 20:00 Frozen
A fearless young princess Kristen Bell sets out with a mountaineer Jonathan Groff to find her sister Idina Menzel whose icy powers have trapped their kingdom in eternal winter. Animated.
UKBBC 20:00 Blue Planet II
Our Blue Planet. Uncovering the impact that modern lives are having on ocean creatures from albatross parents feeding their chicks discarded plastic to mother dolphins potentially exposing their calves to pollutants through contaminated milk.
USWNYW 16:25 NFL Football: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams
The Rams make a pit stop at home to host the Eagles. Philadelphia has won the last four games over Los Angeles including two on the road. The Rams are 2-1 against the NFC East this season but both wins came away from Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.


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USWABC 20:00 Mary Poppins
London children have fun with a marvelous nanny Julie Andrews and her chimney-sweep friend Dick Van Dyke . Live action animated.


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UKBBC 22:35 The Graham Norton Show
Joining Graham are actress Jessica Chastain comedian and writer Dawn French actress Rebel Wilson and the stars of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Dwayne Johnson Kevin Hart and Jack Black. With music from Noel Gallagher s High Flying Birds.
USWCBS 22:00 Blue Bloods: Heavy Is the Head
Jamie and Eddie ask Erin to drop old charges against a man who bravely rescued a woman from a local hostage situation Danny and Baez work a case involving car thieves and discover the leader is a mobster they ve dealt with before.
USWABC 21:01 Marvel s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Life Spent
Daisy decides she will rescue Simmons even though she must risk everything to do so.
USWNYW 21:01 The Exorcist: Ritual Repetition
The exorcism reaches a critical juncture Tomas battles to save Andy s soul Marcus and Rose try to get the foster children off the island a storm descends upon the island salvation may come from an unlikely source.
USWCBS 21:00 Hawaii Five-0: Make Me Kai
USWPIX 21:00 Jane The Virgin: Chapter Seventy-One
Jane s book tour takes an unexpected turn at the first stop leaving her Xo and Alba wondering what to do Rafael and Rogelio s attempt to take care of Mateo while Jane is away hits a snag but brings them together.
USWCBS 20:00 MacGyver: War Room Ship
USWNBC 20:00 Blindspot: Adoring Suspect
The team goes under cover on a movie set to stop a terrorist plot with unlikely backers Roman blackmails Weller with a horrible secret about Jane.
USWABC 20:00 Once Upon a Time: A Little Tear


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USWCBS 22:00 S.W.A.T.: Octane
Hondo allows newbie Jim Street to go under cover to bust a ruthless trafficker Hondo visits the teenager recently shot by a former member of the SWAT team.
USWCBS 21:30 Life in Pieces: Waffle Permission Kidless Boyfriend
Heather tries to become Tyler s best friend Jen and Greg get their first overnight stay away from Lark Matt and Colleen regret returning their wedding presents for cash Tim goes overboard while keeping a watchful eye on Samantha and her boyfriend.
USWCBS 21:01 Mom: Smooth Jazz and a Weird Floaty Eye
Bonnie insists on meeting Adam s estranged brother Patrick things get weird when Patrick takes a romantic interest in Christy.
USWNYW 21:01 The Orville: Mad Idolatry
Ed and Kelly consider getting back together Ed and the crew discover a planet from another universe Kelly makes a decision with unforeseen long-term consequences for the planet putting Ed in a difficult position.
USWPIX 21:00 Arrow: Irreconcilable Differences
When Black Siren and Cayden James kidnap Quentin Lance as part of a plan to trade his life for a weapon of mass destruction Oliver and his team must figure out a way to save Lance while still keeping the city safe.
USWCBS 20:31 Young Sheldon
Exceptional but misunderstood 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper skips four grades to start high school along with his less-intellectual older brother.
USWNBC 20:20 NFL Football: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons
The Week 14 Thursday nighter features an NFC South game as the Saints play the Falcons. These two rivals have swapped season-series sweeps over the past four years and Atlanta was the victor in 2016-17. This is their first meeting this year.
USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Confidence Erosion
Sheldon and Amy try to use math to eliminate wedding planning stress Koothrappali breaks up with Wolowitz after realizing he is hurting his confidence.
USWPIX 20:00 Supernatural: The Bad Place
Desperate to prove that he is good Jack enlists a dreamcatcher named Kaia to help him save Mary Winchester from the alternate universe.
USWNYW 20:00 Gotham: A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight
Things get complicated when Carmine Falcone comes to town Alfred tries to get through to Bruce Nygma struggles to gain control over The Riddler persona Tabitha attempts to make Grundy remember his past a familiar smile resurfaces in Gotham.


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USWCBS 22:00 Criminal Minds: False Flag
The BAU is called to investigate when two members of a conspiracy group in Roswell N.M. perish in quick succession.
USWABC 22:00 Designated Survivor: Three-Letter Day
The White House staff takes action on letters sent to the president Hannah and Damian chase down leads to exonerate the first lady.
USWNBC 22:00 Chicago P.D.: Monster
The death of Judge Tommy Wells daughter puts Intelligence on the track of a pill mill spreading into the suburbs of Chicago and the doctor enabling it Voight discovers who s been leaking information from the 21st.
UKBBC2 21:00 Peaky Blinders
Dangerous. The Peaky Blinders are lured by the Italians into a cat-and-mouse chase on the streets of Birmingham where it becomes clear that Tommy has met his match. Trapped in Small Heath Tommy tries to console himself with a visit from an old flame but it soon becomes clear that he can t always get what he wants.
USWABC 21:00 Modern Family: Tough Love
After leaving his real estate firm to strike out on his own Phil decides a solo camping trip in the wild will be just what he needs to boost his confidence Mitchell s plan to teach Cam and Lily each a lesson backfires.
USWCBS 21:00 SEAL Team: Rolling Dark
Jason and the team rescue a Russian scientist and his wife while Chinese and Russian Special Forces work to stop them Clay endures his first day with Jason s unit.
USWPIX 20:00 Riverdale: Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil
When Jughead learns that F.P. is getting released from prison he and Betty organize a welcome home party Archie and Veronica push their relationship issues aside to focus on the Black Hood investigation.


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USWCBS 22:00 Bull: School for Scandal
Tensions run high when Bull faces off against an old romantic interest who is defending a widow claiming self-defense Chunk makes a decision about his future.
USWABC 22:00 Kevin Probably Saves the World: Chrysalis
Kevin must choose between completing his mission and attending the opening night of Reese s play Yvette makes a startling discovery about Dave Amy prepares to go on her first date since her husband died.
USWNBC 22:00 Chicago Med: Trust Your Gut
Goodwin is forced by the hospital board to implement new guidelines that cause headaches for the doctors Dr. Rhodes and Ava continue to compete in the operating room Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese are surprised by a patient s theory about his sickness.
USWNYW 21:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 99
The entire precinct attends a funeral in Los Angeles Jake must get Holt back to New York in time to interview for a job as Chief Commissioner of the NYPD Amy is forced to stay with some estranged members of the Boyle family.
USWNBC 21:30 Superstore: Christmas Eve
Trying to prove how wild she can be Amy turns a boring Christmas Eve at Cloud 9 into a holiday adventure Jonah and Garrett s roommate issues boil over Glenn tries to prove to Mateo that Christmas is better than fine.
USWNYW 21:00 The Mick: The Divorce
Chip discovers he is the product of an affair his mother had Chip decides to seek out his biological father Mickey and Jimmy re-examine their relationship.
USWNBC 21:00 Will Grace: A Gay Olde Christmas
Will Grace Karen and Jack wish they could have experienced Christmas in old New York but realize the past was not quite as romantic or open to diversity as they pictured it.
USWCBS 21:00 SEAL Team: Ghosts of Christmas Future
Jason and the team refuse to abort a mission to capture a dangerous war criminal after it goes awry Clay s controversial father comes to town on his book tour.
USWPIX 21:00 DC s Legends of Tomorrow: Beebo the God of War
The Legends investigate an anachronism in a Viking settlement Sara is worried when Damien Darhk shows up Jax considers using a loophole that could potentially change history.
USWABC 20:30 Fresh Off the Boat: Slide Effect
Eddie begins to think he needs to find cooler friends to make his mark in high school Jessica decides to pocket the money she is given to have her photograph professionally taken for her book.
USWCBS 20:00 NCIS: The Tie That Binds
Evidence from the murder of a Navy captain leads the NCIS team to Ducky s deceased mother the team exchanges holiday gifts Gibbs has Christmas dinner with Fornell.
USWNYW 20:00 Lethal Weapon: Fools Rush In
Riggs and Murtaugh are drawn into a world of conspiracy theories Riggs relationship with Molly evolves Murtaugh and Trish try to get Harper into a fancy preschool.
USWPIX 20:00 The Flash: Don t Run
Amunet threatens to kill Caitlin if she doesn t help perform a tricky medical task The Thinker traps The Flash in a speedster-proof prison Iris is forced to choose whether to save Caitlin or Barry.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Live Top 10 Eliminations
Seven artists are revealed to be safe the bottom three artists compete two are eliminated.


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USWCBS 22:00 Scorpion: Dirty Seeds Done Dirt Cheap
Happy Sylvester and Cabe suffer from life-threatening fear-based hallucinations after a simple mission to protect a vital seed bank goes awry.
USWABC 22:00 The Good Doctor: Sacrifice
A charming young doctor puts a member of the surgical team in an awkward position at work Dr. Glassman suggests that Dr. Shaun Murphy meet with a therapist.
USWCBS 21:30 9JKL: The Family Plot
After learning that Josh and Eve don t want their gifted burial plots Harry and Judy try to find a compatible couple to spend eternity with Josh hooks up with Nick s sister.
USWCBS 21:00 Superior Donuts: Error of Admission
Franco considers giving up admission to his dream school after he learns Arthur included his ethnicity on the application despite Franco s desire to be accepted solely on the merits of his art.
USWNYW 21:00 The Gifted: outfoX
The team develops a risky plan to help mutants in Sentinel Services custody Reed reveals details about his family history.
USWPIX 21:00 Valor: About-Face
Nora and Ian reach a critical point in their relationship Gallo wrestles with post-traumatic stress disorder Jess is forced to make a difficult choice.
USWCBS 20:30 Man With a Plan: Into the Weeds
When Adam thinks Kate s boyfriend is a pothead he decides to confront him Don tells Lowell there are office rules he must follow but Lowell suspects he is making them up.
USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Romance Recalibration
Penny thinks Leonard is taking her for granted and decides to go on a spa weekend with Amy Wolowitz and Koothrappali try to fix a squeaky floorboard in the baby s room.
USWNYW 20:00 Lucifer: The Sinnerman
Lucifer learns that recipients of his favors are turning up dead Lucifer and Chloe come face to face with the Sinnerman Detective Pierce returns to work Charlotte finds a new career Amenadiel has a new love interest.
USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Reign
Supergirl learns that a mysterious symbol popping up in the city is the mark of the World Killer Reign tension between Lena and Morgan Edge continues to build.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Live Top 10 Performances
The top 10 artists perform live for America s vote.


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USWCBS 20:31 Young Sheldon
Exceptional but misunderstood 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper skips four grades to start high school along with his less-intellectual older brother.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Geology Methodology
Sheldon tries to keep his collaboration with Bert a secret Penny and Bernadette coach Koothrappali on navigating his relationship with Ruchi.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Collaboration Contamination
Sheldon and Koothrappali confide in Bernadette when they can t handle Amy and Wolowitz working together Penny and Leonard learn a secret from an unlikely source about dealing with Sheldon.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Retraction Reaction
Leonard s job is at stake after he gives an embarrassing radio interview Amy and Bernadette bond over having to hide their success from Sheldon and Howard.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Proposal Proposal
Amy answers Sheldon s marriage proposal Howard and Bernadette struggle with unexpected news.


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UKBBC 21:00 Strike
The Silkworm: Part 2. Delving deeper into the hidden meanings and concealed secrets of Bombyx Mori Strike and Robin scour all corners of London s literary world to unmask Quine s killer.


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UKBBC 21:00 Rellik
DCI Gabriel Markham and his team are working to find a serial killer when a break in the case leads them to a potential culprit. Gabriel is torn between his conviction that they already know who the killer is and the seemingly irrefutable evidence.


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UKBBC 21:00 Strike
The Silkworm: Part 1. Cormoran Strike is hired by Leonaora Quine to find her husband the infamous author Owen Quine. Meanwhile Robin is caught between Strike and Matthew s hopes.
USWNYW 20:00 The Orville: Old Wounds
Ed Mercer s enthusiasm about his promotion to captain dampens when his ex-wife Kelly gets assigned to be his first officer an alien race ambushes the crew in an attempt to steal a time-accelerating device.


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UKBBC 21:00 BBC Proms
Last Night of the Proms. John Adams 70th birthday is marked with the London premiere of his exhilarating Lola Montez Does The Spider Dance and solo star soprano Nina Stemme performs Weill s Surabaya Johnny and The Saga of Jenny followed by Gershwin s The Lorelei .
UKBBC2 19:15 BBC Proms
Last Night of the Proms. The BBC Proms 2017 season comes to a close with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and their Finnish chief conductor Sakari Oramo leading proceedings live from London s Royal Albert Hall.


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UKCHANNEL4 22:00 Naked Attraction
Psychology student Alesia is tired of meeting boys and hopes to meet a real man in the buff. After 200 dates all over the world Louise is ready to meet her soulmate.


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UKBBC 21:00 Strike
The Cuckoo s Calling: Part 3. Long-buried secrets are revealed putting Strike and Robin in danger as they close in on the killer.


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UKCHANNEL4 22:00 Naked Attraction
Mark from Sussex appeared last series as a body and was rejected - now he s back to choose himself a date. Justin from London is done with being friend zoned by girls.