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USWABC 21:00 Modern Family: Ringmaster Keifth
Cam wants to throw a New Year s Day feast for the family Phil s father arrives with his new girlfriend who happens to be Phil s childhood baby sitter Gloria and Jay must decide who will look after little Joe if something should happen to them.
USWPIX 21:00 The 100: Gimme Shelter
Clarke s arrival on the island takes a turn for the worse Bellamy tries to avoid further tragedy in Arkadia.


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USWABC 22:01 Quantico: LNWILT
In the wake of the G20 hostage crisis President Haas assembles an illegal joint task force tasking Alex and her friends from the FBI and CIA with unmasking a global conspiracy.
USWCBS 22:00 Scorpion: Broken Wind
The team races to save Paige and Happy when a wire supporting the gondola they are in during a mission to repair a turbine at a wind farm snaps.
USWNBC 22:00 Taken: Mattie G
Riley s insistence to uncover the truth behind a fatal drug given to war vets leads to heartbreaking consequences a new neighbor tries to calm Asha after her apartment is broken into.
USWCBS 21:30 2 Broke Girls: And the Alley-Oops
Caroline makes an effort to support Bobby s love of bowling but fears she is his bad luck charm when things go awry Sophie worries baby Barbara is not smart enough.
USWNYW 21:01 APB: Risky Business
When a murder investigation reveals Gideon is the killer s next target Murphy and Ada use a high-tech scanning system to search for the perpetrator.
USWCBS 21:00 Superior Donuts: Man Without a Health Plan
The group decides to take up a collection to pay for Franco s medical expenses when he gets hurt at work and doesn t have insurance Tush experiences unusual side effects when he participates in an experimental drug trial.
USWPIX 21:00 Jane the Virgin: Chapter Fifty-Eight
Jane runs against Petra for Room Mom in an effort to be around more for Mateo Alba s attempt to impress her crush doesn t go as planned Rogelio tries to get information about Xo and Bruce s relationship.
UKITV 21:00 Broadchurch
A shocking revelation turns the case on its head.
USWCBS 20:30 Man With a Plan: Doctor No
When Adam convinces his stubborn father to finally go to the doctor he learns a few things his dad didn t want him to know.
USWNYW 20:00 24: Legacy: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM
Mullins and CTU search for Carter Andy must do something against his will Rebecca s interrogation techniques make Donovan question her judgment Isaac looks to his friends for help.
USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Star-Crossed
A new villain in National City puts Supergirl on high alert Winn s girlfriend gets him in trouble with the law Maggie tries unsuccessfully to help Winn the Music Meister attacks Supergirl.
USWCBS 20:00 Kevin Can Wait
A newly retired police officer realizes taking care of his family is a job in its own right.
USWABC 20:00 Dancing With the Stars
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Battles Premiere
Guest mentors Luke Bryan Celine Dion John Legend and DJ Khaled help prepare the vocalists as the battle rounds begin the coaches have chances to steal artists from opposing teams.


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USWCBS 22:00 Elementary: The Ballad of Lady Frances
Police call Holmes and Watson to consult on a homicide that was heard by a cutting-edge gunshot detection system a drive-by shooting reveals a connection between Shinwell and an unsolved murder.
USWNBC 22:00 Shades of Blue: Ghost Hunt
Wozniak s refusal to cooperate with the feds causes Stahl to turn up the heat on Harlee Internal Affairs Officer Verco applies pressure to each member of the crew to discover what really happened to Donnie Pomp.
UKCHANNEL4 21:00 Homeland
Alt.Truth. Carrie and Saul present evidence to Keane Quinn tracks a mark.
UKFILM4 21:00 Legion
In a remote roadside diner in the Mojave desert several locals including owner Bob Hanson his son Jeep and pregnant waitress Charlie begin to notice that something very unusual is going on. With no TV signal all telecommunications failing and an enormous dust cloud massing in the direction of LA they begin to suspect a terrorist attack but nothing can prepare them for the truth.
USWABC 21:00 Time After Time: Secrets Stolen
Dr. John Stevenson meets his match in a beautiful doctor named Brooke when H.G. and Jane travel back to the 1980s they make a shocking discovery.
USWNBC 21:00 Chicago Justice: Friendly Fire
A man found stabbed to death in his home is discovered to be a former Navy SEAL who was writing a book that exposed the truth about a top secret mission.
USWCBS 21:00 Madam Secretary: Swept Away
China threatens to back out of Elizabeth s landmark global climate treaty due to her meeting with the Dalai Lama Henry worries about the safety of his undercover operative Abby serves Jay a custody agreement for their daughter.
Archer and Harry attempt to drive the King out of London but things do not go to plan and Sylvia becomes an unlikely ally. Following a rough interrogation with a badly shaken Barbara Barga Kellermann is hot on Archer s heels. With Huth desperate for the atomic secrets will the showdown at Bringle Sands end in triumph for Archer and the Resistance or will Kellermann have the last laugh
USWABC 20:00 Once Upon a Time: Ill-Boding Patterns
UKBBC2 20:00 Top Gear
Matt LeBlanc s review of the Aston Martin DB11 is thwarted by Chris Harris and a very evil Mercedes. Elsewhere Rory Reid and Sabine Schmitz go supercar hunting on Germany s fearsome Nurburgring race circuit with the help of the VW Golf Clubsport S. Also actress Tamsin Greig takes to the track in the new Reasonably Fast Car.
USWNYW 20:00 The Simpsons: A Father s Watch
Marge turns to a series of parenting experts for advice when she becomes worried that Bart is destined for failure Homer decides to open a trophy store Grampa gives Bart a watch coveted by Homer.
USWCBS 20:00 NCIS: Los Angeles: Getaway
Nell and Eric go under cover to track a tech-savvy husband and wife linked to the hacking of the U.S. Treasury Department a digital forensics specialist arrives from the NCIS cyber office in San Diego to run operations in Eric and Nell s absence.
UKITV 20:00 Vera
Natural Selection. DCI Vera Stanhope investigates the mysterious death of a wildlife ranger whose body is found on a remote island off the coast of Northumberland.


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UKBBC 22:35 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Captain Jack Sparrow must find a way to avoid the clutches of ghostly pirate Davy Jones and his crew or be damned for all eternity.
USWNYW 21:01 Sleepy Hollow: The Way of the Gun
After a mysterious woman finds her way into the vault the team tries to find out who she is and with whom her allegiances lie Alex must come to terms with her feelings when she finds herself in a tight spot.
USWPIX 21:00 PIX11 News at Ten
UKBBC2 20:00 Gardeners' World
Monty is mulching the borders in preparation for Spring and potting up his dahlias for the year ahead. Carol Klein celebrates her plant of the month March can only mean the bright and beautiful daffodil.
USWPIX 20:00 Reign: Highland Games
Lord Darnley must demonstrate his loyalty to Mary when she voices her concerns about his true intentions Catherine and Narcisse try to repair King Charles reputation after rumors about his strange behavior threaten the throne.
USWNBC 20:00 Dateline NBC
Investigative journalism.


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USWABC 22:00 Eyewitness News at 11
USWNBC 22:00 News 4 New York at 11
USWABC 21:01 Scandal: Extinction
Rowan is surprised when someone from his past resurfaces Olivia has to make a life-changing decision about the campaign flashbacks reveal events from the night of Francisco Vargas assassination.
UKITV 21:00 Prime Suspect 1973
As new evidence emerges Julie Ann Collins family are forced to acknowledge the brutal truth about her final days.
UKBBC2 21:00 The Last Kingdom
Uhtred sets out to avenge his father s death and recapture his ancestral lands but King Alfred s plan to extend his influence beyond Wessex embroils Uhtred in a mission.
USWNBC 21:00 The Blacklist: Redemption: Operation Davenport
When ruthless terrorists escape from a black site prison in Manhattan Tom and the Halycon team must lock down the city and find the terrorists before disaster strikes.
USWPIX 21:00 PIX11 News at Ten
USWNBC 20:30 Powerless: I m a Friend You
When Emily learns that Jackie needs some extra cash she tries to help her out Van is on a witch hunt and sets his eyes on Teddy Ron and Wendy.
USWABC 20:00 Grey s Anatomy: Who Is He And What Is He to You
April must make Jackson focus on the task at hand when the two travel to Montana to perform a complicated surgery on a young patient.
USWNBC 20:00 Chicago Med: Monday Mourning
Doctors and nurses deal with a staff member s suicide Choi and Halstead face off over how to treat a patient who is experiencing stroke symptoms Manning treats a boy who fell into the river Rhodes examines the man who saved Dr Manning s patient.
USWPIX 20:00 The Vampire Diaries: Forever Yours
Highlights of the epic series includes interviews with past and present cast members and guest stars a conversation with the executive producers and behind-the-scenes footage from the final season.


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USWABC 22:00 Eyewitness News at 11
USWCBS 22:00 CBS 2 News at 11PM
UKE4 21:00 Timeless
The Lost Generation. With the help of a new soldier Lucy and Rufus chase Flynn through Paris in 1927 on the day that Charles Lindbergh completes his trans-Atlantic flight.
USWABC 21:00 Designated Survivor: The End of the Beginning
New information about the conspiracy emerges tension rises between Aaron and Emily a new lead brings agent Wells closer to the truth.
USWCBS 21:00 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: Il Mostro
USWPIX 21:00 PIX11 News at Ten
USWPIX 20:00 The 100: We Will Rise
Clarke and Roan must work together in hostile territory so they can deliver a valuable asset to Abby and her team.
USWNYW 20:00 Lethal Weapon: Commencement
Riggs makes a shocking discovery about Miranda s death which leads him back to the cartel in a frantic search for answers Murtaugh is torn between his commitment to his partner and his commitment to his family.


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UKBBC2 21:00 1066: A Year to Conquer England
After months of being trapped in port in northern France the winds finally change and Duke William leads his vast invasion fleet across the Channel. However King Harold is 300 miles away in the north having defeated the Vikings.
UKBBC 21:00 The Replacement
After Paula confesses her secret Ellen thinks she has proof that Paula is disturbed but no one else sees it her way. The office turns against Ellen and she is forced to leave for good. She tries to put Paula behind her but Paula isn t willing to let go.


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USWNBC 22:01 Taken: Off Side
Bryan and the team s search for a suspected terrorist who has been taken leads them to a deeper plot within their own government Christina gets troubling news Asha is concerned about Bryan s fixation with Mejia.
USWCBS 22:00 CBS 2 News at 11PM
USWCBS 21:30 2 Broke Girls: And the Baby and Other Things
Caroline encourages Bobby s sister Denise to quit her job then realizes the company Denise works for is her mother s Max reads a text on Bobby s phone suggesting he has a child with his ex.
USWNYW 21:01 APB: Daddy s Home
Gideon s father finds himself in trouble Brandt and Goss try to track down the mastermind behind a huge grand theft auto case.
UKITV 21:00 Broadchurch
Trish receives a shocking message and for Ellie and Hardy suspects start to come into view.
USWCBS 21:00 Scorpion: Monkey See Monkey Poo
To stop a dangerous virus from spreading Team Scorpion must locate an endangered monkey in the Amazon that has the antibody for the cure Toby and Happy see a counselor to prepare for matrimony.
USWCBS 20:30 2 Broke Girls: And the Baby and Other Things
Caroline encourages Bobby s sister Denise to quit her job then realizes the company Denise works for is her mother s Max reads a text on Bobby s phone suggesting he has a child with his ex.
USWNYW 20:00 24: Legacy: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
Carter needs Andy s help to get crucial evidence back in their possession Rebecca calls in someone from the outside when CTU s regular interrogation techniques lead them to a dead end.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Blind Auditions Part 6
The blind auditions continue as vocalists perform for coaches Alicia Keys Adam Levine Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.


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USWNBC 22:00 News 4 New York at 11 Weekend
The latest local news weather and investigative stories impacting your community.
USWCBS 22:00 CBS 2 News at 11P
Cindy Hsu hosts.
UKCHANNEL4 21:30 Homeland
Imminent Risk. Carrie gets bad news. Saul makes a plan. Quinn accepts his situation.
With the Army imposing martial law and a rounding up of Resistance members Archer faces life-changing decisions. Barbara s surprise proposal could provide a safe haven for Archer and his son but can he really trust her with the country s most sought after possession
UKITV 21:00 The Good Karma Hospital
As the first monsoon rains arrive tensions run high between Lydia and Ruby. Maggie s health is rapidly declining - but will she be granted her dying wish to stay in India
USWABC 21:00 American Crime: Season Three: Episode One
An undocumented Mexican worker discovers modern servitude thriving in an agricultural community a woman learns the shocking truth behind a family s wealth a social worker wants a young prostitute to testify against her pimp in court.
USWCBS 21:00 Elementary: Fidelity
Joan and Kitty try to prove that a string of murders is connected to an international government conspiracy involving the Defense Intelligence Agency Sherlock and Kitty s relationship is strained after she shares lifechanging news.
UKBBC2 20:00 Top Gear
Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris embark on an all-season US road trip in the latest convertible supercars from Lamborghini and Porsche journeyingfrom broiling desert to snowy mountain. Back at the test track Rory Reid sets the toughest of driving challenges for Chris and the Alfa RomeoGiulia while actor David Tennant takes a spin in the new Reasonably Fast Car.
UKBBC 20:00 Call the Midwife
An unexpected turn of events leads to a wedding being hastily arranged and Shelagh finally goes into labour. Elsewhere the arrival of the pill leads to unforeseen consequences.
USWCBS 20:00 Madam Secretary: Break in Diplomacy
Datu Andrada the unconventional new president of the Philippines hits on Elizabeth during a meeting to discuss an Asia-Pacific territory treaty Elizabeth asks Jay to look into Kevin Park s CIA connections Henry s operative goes radio silent.
USWABC 20:00 Time After Time: Out of Time
H.G. and Jane rush to repair the damaged time machine before Dr. John Stevenson known as the Key Killer strikes again Vanessa must decide whether or not to confide in Griffin.
USWNYW 20:00 Family Guy: Cop and a Half-wit
Peter helps Joe with several crime cases but gets angry when Joe tries to take all of the credit Brian convinces Stewie to join a football team and panics when he gets a concussion.


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UKBBC 22:35 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
The eccentric Captain Sparrow is on a mission to rescue the Governor s beautiful daughter Elizabeth and his ship the Black Pearl both of which have been captured by a curse-ridden pirate Captain Barbossa. They brave the deadly seas and head towards the mysterious Isla de Muerta as they try to stop the skeleton pirates from spilling Elizabeth s blood so as to lift the curse.
USWNYW 21:00 Sleepy Hollow: Insatiable
After one of Diana s mentors is targeted by a horrific monster she decides the team must concentrate on stopping Dreyfuss Dreyfuss and Jobe have a breakthrough on a project and Team Witness may not be aware of it.
USWPIX 21:00 The Vampire Diaries: I Was Feeling Epic
With the fate of Mystic Falls in the balance Stefan and Damon must fight their greatest enemy for one final battle.
USWNBC 20:00 Grimm: Blood Magic
After a series of brutal and deadly attacks Nick and Hank find an unlikely lead in a local nursing home Eve goes to Adalind to get answers that only a Hexenbiest can provide Capt. Renard confronts Nick about the mysterious symbols.
USWPIX 20:00 The Vampire Diaries: Forever Yours
Highlights of the epic series includes interviews with past and present cast members and guest stars a conversation with the executive producers and behind-the-scenes footage from the final season.


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USWNBC 22:00 The Blacklist: Redemption: Independence U.S.A.
A plane crash in the Ural Mountains sends Tom and Nez to Russia on a covert operation to infiltrate a mysterious top-secret military facility Scottie enlists Mr. Solomon to find answers about her husband.
USWCBS 20:31 The Great Indoors: Cubicles
Jack can t concentrate because of the millennials distracting juvenile behavior so Brooke installs cubicles in the bullpen as a remedy.
USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory
A free-spirited beauty moves in next door to two physicists.
USWABC 20:00 Grey s Anatomy: Civil War
Richard Jackson April and Catherine tackle a tough trauma case intensified by hospital politics Amelia finally faces her feelings about Owen Meredith gets caught between Nathan and Alex.


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USWPIX 21:00 DC s Legends of Tomorrow: Land of the Lost
Rip forces the Waverider to crash leaving the Legends stuck 70 million years in the past Rory suggests entering Rip s mind in an effort to get the good Rip back Nate and Amaya continue to get closer.
USWPIX 20:00 The Flash: The Wrath of Savitar
While training with Barry Wally starts to have visions of Savitar which he hides from the team a dangerous secret threatens Barry and Iris happiness.


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UKITV 21:00 Broadchurch
Shockwaves reverberate through Broadchurch as news of the attack spreads.
USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Exodus
Alex searches for Jeremiah while Kara investigates a series of alien abductions in an effort to get Snapper Carr to run a story that would help her stop Cadmus Kara agrees to set up an interview between Snapper and Supergirl.


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UKCHANNEL4 21:00 Homeland
The Return. Carrie follows a lead Saul meets an old friend Keane takes a stand.
Finding the missing atomic bomb documents becomes Archer s main priority as he frantically tries to track down the elusive Dr John Spode. Still a target for the Resistance Archer faces a fatal tussle on the Underground and a deadly explosion at Highgate Cemetery.
UKBBC2 20:00 Top Gear
This time features the astonishing ultra-exclusive Ferrari FXXK tested to the max by Chris Harris at the Daytona circuit in Florida. Matt Chris and Rory then race across Kazakhstan in 3 high-mileage cars: a Mercedes saloon a Volvo estate and a London Taxi all of which have done at least 480 000 miles the equivalent distance of going to the moon and back. Actor James McAvoy guest stars in the studio and on the famous Top Gear test track.


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USWNYW 20:00 New Girl: Young Adult
Jess recruits Nick to help her become more popular with the students Schmidt hires a new assistant Winston discovers Furguson may be two-timing him.
USWPIX 20:00 The Flash: Attack on Central City
Flash and the team must find a way to stop Grodd and his army of gorillas when Grodd brings the battle to Earth-1 Jesse Quick decides she wants to stay with Wally on Earth-1.


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UKITV 21:00 Broadchurch
DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller are called to investigate a serious sexual assault.
USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Homecoming
Alex and Kara are thrilled when Jeremiah Danvers is rescued from Cadmus but things go awry when a suspicious Mon-El questions Jeremiah about his sudden return.


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An unexpected meeting with Professor Springer underlines to Archer why the SS so desperately needs to track down Dr John Spode. When Archer finds himself unwillingly dragged into the Resistance s plans Huth endeavours to swing Archer s allegiance to the SS cause.
UKCHANNEL4 21:00 Homeland
Casus Belli. Keane gets sidelined while Carrie s work follows her home.


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UKBBC 21:15 Taboo
James Delaney confronts Sir Stuart Strange of the East India Company with the cold hard truth. Revelations about those surrounding him are unearthed and met with deadly ramifications.