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USWABC 22:00 Take Two: Shadows of the Past
Sam and Eddie are shocked to find that the man who had just hired them to find his missing wife is the most recent victim of a serial killer Eddie faces old wounds surrounding his contentious departure from the LAPD.
UKBBC 21:00 Keeping Faith
When Evan s car is found abandoned at the docks Faith is dragged to the police station for an interrogation. When Steve attempts to help he too finds himself caught in the firing line of the law. Meanwhile an increasingly conflicted Tom uncovers terrible secrets about his son Bethan s erratic behaviour puts strain on her marriage to Terry Faith prepares to do a secret deal with Dr Alpay and DI Williams resorts to desperate tactics to break Faith.


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USWNBC 20:00 America s Got Talent: Live Results 1


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USWNBC 20:00 America s Got Talent: Live Quarter Finals 1
Twelve hopefuls perform for America s vote.


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UKFILM4 23:20 Kiss the Girls
Detective Cross investigates the disappearance of his niece snatched by a serial kidnapper. Cross suspects that the madman is not killing his victims but collecting them a theory confirmed when one of his victims Dr Kate McTiernan escapes from his clutches.
USWCBS 22:00 Elementary: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls
The murder of a robotics engineer may be connected to his groundbreaking secret research in teleportation detective Bell is shut out of a required class he needs to complete his degree and join the U.S. Marshal Service.
USWCBS 21:00 Salvation: Abre Sus Ojos


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UKCHANNEL4 21:00 The Handmaid s Tale
The Word. Serena Joy and the other wives strive to make change while Emily learns more about her new Commander as she discovers some previously unknown details. Also Offred faces a difficult decision.


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UKBBC2 21:00 Gardeners' World
The vegetable garden is at its peak now and as well as harvesting Monty takes a look at how his autumn crops are faring as well as giving tips on how to keep the garden looking at its best. Adam Frost returns to Leicester where he has been helping to create a garden from scratch on a new build estate and Frances Tophill celebrates the summer harvest on her shared allotment.
UKITV3 20:00 Agatha Christie s Poirot
Death on the Nile. While holidaying on a Nile cruise ship Hercule Poirot is asked to investigate the death of a honeymooning heiress who has stolen her best friend s fiance. She has also crossed most of the other passengers at some time in the past.


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USWABC 22:00 Take Two: All About Ava
Sam and Eddie are called to investigate the seemingly accidental death of a 90s sitcom star with whom a young Sam had worked.
UKBBC 21:00 Keeping Faith
Shaken by the break-in at her home Faith buries herself in work and takes on the case of an elderly farmer who is caught in a dispute with a ruthless landowner. Meanwhile Steve s growing closeness to Faith begins to attract suspicions from Terry Arthur receives a mysterious package Dr Alpay names a price for information about Evan and Faith receives a disturbing visit from Gael Reardon.
UKE4 04:05 The 100
Damocles -- Part Two. Clarke and her friends risk everything to fight one last battle for survival only to glimpse an even darker threat to the last living valley on Earth.


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USWNBC 22:00 Reverie: Point of Origin
The team race against the clock when one of them is kidnapped Onira-Tech is at risk of being destroyed.
USWPIX 21:00 Supergirl: Triggers
A thief who has psychic powers attacks National City immobilizing victims by tapping into their worst fears James and Lena are at an impasse Samantha starts her new job at L-Corp.
UKBBC2 21:00 Picnic at Hanging Rock
Mademoiselle grows suspicious of Mrs Appleyard s behaviour and learns that Sara was unexpectedly collected by her guardian. The Sergeant travels to Melbourne to interview Irma and a secret vow made by the missing girls is revealed.


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USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Dark Side of the Moon
Supergirl is stunned to learn that a part of Krypton survived Alex is attacked while out with Ruby Lena considers how far she will go to keep Reign contained.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Bow Tie Asymmetry
When Amy s parents and Sheldon s family arrive everybody is focused on making sure the wedding arrangements go according to plan -- everyone except the bride and groom.


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USWNYW 20:00 Lucifer: Quintessential Deckerstar
When Lucifer and Chloe investigate a woman s death they discover that they may be pursuing the wrong suspect Charlotte risks her safety when she decides to take matters into her own hands Lucifer gets a tragic phone call that changes everything.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Sibling Realignment
Sheldon s mother won t attend his wedding unless he invites his brother the Wolowitz kids inadvertently infest Amy Bernadette Wolowitz and Koothrappali with pink eye.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Reclusive Potential
A brilliant but reclusive scientist Doctor Wolcott invites Sheldon to his cabin in the middle of nowhere Penny and Bernadette improvise after Amy doesn t like the tame bachelorette party they planned for her.