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USWABC 21:30 The Mayor: Buyer s Remorse
When Courtney faces a dismal approval rating he realizes that he needs to take an unconventional approach and comes up with a plan to turn public opinion in his favor.
USWNYW 21:00 The Mick: The Haunted House
Things get out of hand when Mickey and Jimmy throw a Halloween party in the burned out remains of the mansion Sabrina seeks to repair her tarnished legacy Mickey teaches some pranksters a lesson.
USWABC 20:30 Fresh Off the Boat: Kids
When Louis and Jessica realize Eddie is finally mature enough to be left on his own they make plans to spend more time with friends only to learn their friends plan on having a baby.
UKCHANNEL4 20:00 The Great British Bake Off
Week eight of The Great British Bake Off is Forgotten Bakes week and our five bakers are stepping back in time to face the test of baking with unfamiliar recipes.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: The Battles Premiere Part 2
Two of Jennifer s artists perform a Whitney Houston song Blake s artists take on a 90s alt-rock hit Adam s vocalists tackle a current chart-topper celebrity advisers Rascal Flatts Billy Ray Cyrus Joe Jonas and Kelly Rowland.
USWNYW 20:00 Lethal Weapon: Flight Risk
Murtaugh and Riggs respond to a robbery that took place 20 000 feet in the air Murtaugh s attempts to connect with his daughter are met with hostility.
USWCBS 20:00 NCIS: Skeleton Crew
Director Vance welcomes NCIS Special Agent Jacqueline Jack Sloane to headquarters the team investigates the kidnapping of a sailor.


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USWABC 22:01 The Good Doctor: Pipes
Legalities abound when a husband and wife have to make a life-changing decision about their unborn child Dr. Shaun Murphy struggles to adjust to his new environment at home and takes a huge step forward with his colleagues.
USWNBC 22:01 The Brave: Break Out
An American traitor who turned to terrorism becomes integral in preventing the next attack on U.S. soil an unexpected breach occurs in the prison where Dalton is stationed.
USWCBS 22:00 Scorpion: Nuke Kids on the Block
While decommissioning an old nuclear missile an accident causes the team to endure exposure to toxic vapor while trying to prevent the nuke from detonating Paige confronts Happy about constantly tagging along with her and Walter.
USWCBS 21:30 Me Myself I: Star Wars
Midlife Alex is devastated when he learns Ron showed Abby his favorite movie before showing him young Alex convinces Justin to sneak out of the house to watch Star Wars older Alex finds himself working for Eleanor at the diner.
UKITV 21:00 Liar
Terrified of arrest Andrew enlists Luke s help as an alibi. Laura will not give up easily and the final match between the two is set to have violent consequences.
UKBBC 21:00 Rellik
Following Gabriel s discovery of a piece of evidence the hunt is on to track down the killer. With the net tightening a chase ensues. As Gabriel begins to piece together the trail of violence leading to the killer he puts everything at risk.
USWCBS 21:00 Kevin Can Wait: Plus One Is the Loneliest Number
Kevin tries to help Vanessa impress her judgmental dad when she s stuck without a date for her sister s wedding.
USWNYW 21:00 The Gifted: eXodus
In an effort to reunite with one another Reed cuts a deal with the Sentinel Services while Caitlin and the kids seek help from someone outside the compound Thunderbird begins to teach Blink how to control her powers.
USWPIX 21:00 Valor: Espirit de Corps
Nora and Gallo look for more information about the escaped prisoner from Somalia a demo mission is performed for Ian s mother a powerful public figure Jess struggles to work through her feelings.
USWCBS 20:31 9JKL: Cool Friend Luke
Judy forces Josh to choose between her and his new best friend when she finds out his pal is the upstairs neighbor she claims caused water damage Andrew asks Nick the doorman to help him assemble Wyatt s new playpen.
USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Explosion Implosion
Wolowitz and Sheldon bond over having disappointing fathers Leonard is disturbed when his mother finds a new best friend in Penny.
USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Triggers
A thief who has psychic powers attacks National City immobilizing victims by tapping into their worst fears James and Lena are at an impasse Samantha starts her new job at L-Corp.
USWNYW 20:00 Lucifer: Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith
Realizing she wants more from life Maze heads to Canada for a tricky case Chloe worries Maze is being targeted by a con man Lucifer and Chloe discover their target may be closer then they realized.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: The Battles Premiere
Rascal Flatts Billy Ray Cyrus Joe Jonas and Kelly Rowland help the coaches prepare their artists for the battle rounds.


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USWABC 22:00 Ten Days in the Valley: Day 3: Day Out of Days
A breakthrough in the investigation sends Detective Bird and Jane to the studio to question the show s production team Pete goes on the attack in a rash display of emotion.
USWNYW 21:30 The Last Man on Earth: Skeleton Crew
Pamela tries to redeem herself with everyone the gang finally reaches Mexico Todd is disappointed that Zihuatanejo is not the paradise he dreamed of.
USWCBS 21:30 NCIS: Los Angeles: Assets
During the murder investigation of a Navy Lieutenant on leave in Los Angeles the team uncovers classified surveillance briefs she smuggled into the city that may have been sold to a foreign buyer.
UKCHANNEL4 21:00 Electric Dreams
Real Life. Sarah discovers that her life is inextricably linked to that of George a brilliant game designer. Both are pursuing violent killers whose plans could have shattering consequences while also trying to escape the pain of their lives via a VR device.
UKBBC 21:00 The Last Post
Captain Joe Martin meets with American journalist Martha Franklin to demand she hand over incriminating evidence and Christmas celebrations at the Royal Military Police base are cut short by a shocking discovery.
UKITV 21:00 Victoria
The Luxury of Conscience. Victoria and Albert have to face their worst nightmare as parents while Peel embarks on the ultimate battle in parliament. Then tragedy strikes.
USWNYW 20:30 Ghosted: Whispers
Leroy romantically pursues a female cop while searching for the culprit behind a string of murders Capt. Lafrey suspects her daughter is sneaking around behind her back with a boy.
USWNBC 20:20 NFL Football: New York Giants at Denver Broncos
The Giants take on the Broncos in the Week 6 Sunday night matchup. This is the first time since 2013 that the clubs have met and Denver has won three of the last four against New York. Eli Manning has three passing TDs lifetime against Denver.
USWNYW 20:00 The Simpsons: Whistler s Father
Homer discovers Maggie s whistling talent and launches her baby-celebrity career When Marge impresses Fat Tony with her interior design taste he hires her to style his brothel.
USWNYW 16:00 NFL Football: Los Angeles Rams at Jacksonville Jaguars
The Rams hit the road heading east to take on the Jaguars in a Week 6 matchup. This is the first time that both quarterbacks Blake Bortles and Jared Goff face the other s team as the two clubs meet for the first time since 2013.
USWCBS 13:00 NFL Football: New England Patriots at New York Jets
An AFC East showdown has the Patriots traveling to take on the Jets. New England is 8-2 over its past 10 games against New York with the two Jets wins coming at home. Also over that span eight games have been decided by seven or fewer points.


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USWCBS 21:00 NCIS: Los Angeles: Crazy Train
Callen poses as a patient in a mental health facility to find an NSA agent who vanished while tracking an ISIS cell that was attempting to cross the Mexican border.


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USWCBS 22:00 Blue Bloods: The Enemy of My Enemy
USWABC 21:01 Marvel s Inhumans: Make Way for... Medusa
The search for Black Bolt continues on Earth Maximus makes bold moves to cement his status as the new ruler of Attilan.
USWNYW 21:01 The Exorcist: Unclean
Andy tries to help his foster daughter overcome her agoraphobia Marcus and Tomas travel to Seattle where they encounter a new possession case Father Bennett tracks down a rogue church operative.
USWCBS 21:00 Hawaii Five-0: Na La ilio
McGarrett and the team work with an injured police dog that is the only witness to an ambushed drug bust a former SEAL looks to join the task force.
USWPIX 21:00 Jane the Virgin: Chapter Sixty-Five
When Jane is reunited with her first love she s happy to see him but Xo and Alba are not thrilled about his return Rafael finds himself at Jane s house broke and homeless Darci interrupts Xo and Rogelio s wedded bliss.
USWABC 20:00 Once Upon a Time: A Pirate s Life
USWNBC 20:00 The Brave: The Greater Good
Received intel points to an international arms deal Patricia makes a controversial decision that could lead to a big breakthrough a weak link in Boothe s men must be found to carry out the mission.
USWCBS 20:00 MacGyver: Muscle Car Paper Clips


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USWABC 22:00 How to Get Away With Murder: It s for the Greater Good
When Annalise takes on a case she quickly realizes the stakes are much higher than she originally thought Laurel asks Michaela to help get information regarding Wes death Connor makes a controversial life decision.
USWNBC 22:00 Chicago Fire: An Even Bigger Surprise
Casey gets off on the wrong foot with a new chief Casey makes a risky move to save a man threatening to jumping off a building Mouch flies in Cruz s brother Leon as a birthday surprise Brett learns new information about her friend Hope.
USWNYW 21:01 The Orville: Krill
Ed and Gordon are sent on a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate a Krill ship and obtain a copy of the Krill bible.
USWPIX 21:00 Arrow: Fallout
Oliver must deal with the fallout of the explosion on the island.
USWABC 21:00 Scandal: Pressing the Flesh
President Mellie Grant hosts a state dinner for President Rashad of Bashranin a first step toward peace in the Middle East hoping to gain more high-profile clientele the team at Quinn Perkins Associates attends the party.
USWNBC 21:00 Will Grace: Emergency Contact
Grace finds that the emergency contact called by her doctor s office is ex-husband Leo not Will Jack takes on a new job Karen befriends a 12-year-old girl in the Bronx.
USWNBC 20:30 The Good Place: Existential Crisis
Tahani tries to impress the others by throwing a dinner party Eleanor and Jason lend a hand when things don t go as planned.
USWCBS 20:25 NFL Football: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers
The Panthers and Eagles meet for just the 10th time in the regular season. Philadelphia holds the all-time record 6-3 but the two clubs are split 2-2 when they play at Bank of America Stadium. Cam Newton CAR has five passing TDs versus the Eagles.
USWABC 20:00 Grey s Anatomy: Ain t That a Kick in the Head
Amelia confronts a difficult situation Meredith deals with the fallout from her conversation with Nathan Maggie finds herself at an awkward family dinner Jackson receives big news Richard and Bailey search for the stars of tomorrow.
USWPIX 20:00 Supernatural: Lost and Found
Sam and Dean must pick up the pieces after the loss of their mother the demise of Crowley and the death of Castiel Jack s birth leaves the Winchester brothers with differing opinions on how to deal with a Nephilim Mary is dragged into the breach.
USWNYW 20:00 Gotham: A Dark Knight: The Demon s Head
Bruce puts lives at risk to uncover the meaning behind his prized knife from the auction Ra s Al Ghul proves his deadly devotion Sofia Falcone is on a mission to win back Gotham from Penguin.
USWNBC 20:00 Superstore: Part-Time Hires
When Amy s daughter gets a job at Cloud 9 Amy turns to Jonah for advice on how to balance her parenting Garrett and Dina argue over who broke up with whom Cheyenne tries to convince Mateo that the cute construction worker might be using him.


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USWABC 22:00 Designated Survivor: Outbreak
President Kirkman is faced with a viral pandemic that threatens to kill countless Americans Hannah and Damian discover evidence that could change the lives of members of the first family forever.
USWCBS 22:00 Criminal Minds: Killer App
The BAU investigates a workplace shooting committed by a state-of-the-art drone in Silicon Valley.
USWNBC 22:00 Chicago P.D.: Promise
The investigation into a murder of an illegal immigrant is hampered by the perception of police among the city s immigrant population.
USWABC 21:00 Modern Family: Catch of the Day
Phil s believes he ll have a day of bad luck after failing to successfully complete his daily superstition Mitch is certain that Cam is undermining him during their kitchen renovation Jay is determined to get Gloria to admit she was in an accident.
USWCBS 21:00 SEAL Team: Boarding Party
The team must rescue researchers being held hostage on a ship in the South China Sea Clay s low ranking jeopardizes his future as a SEAL.
USWPIX 21:00 Dynasty: Pilot
Fallon expects to become the new COO of her father Blake s energy empire but that job is given to Cristal her future stepmother Fallon seeks revenge by sidling up to a rival When Cristal s nephew arrives her secret past threatens her future.
USWNBC 20:00 The Blacklist: Miss Rebecca Thrall
The task force investigates a series of suspicious police shootings agent Ressler is distracted by increasing external pressures Red enlists Tom in an elaborate plan to re-establish his criminal reputation.
USWPIX 20:00 Riverdale: Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying
Archie struggles with the emotional aftermath of his father s shooting Veronica learns her father has arrived in town earlier than expected Pop Tate s story leaves Jughead and Betty questioning the gunman s motives.


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USWABC 22:00 Kevin Probably Saves the World: Listen Up
Yvette attempts to guide Kevin in his mission to help others but his good intentions go horribly awry Amy struggles to understand Kevin s behavior Kevin rekindles an old flame which leads to unexpected consequences.
USWCBS 22:00 NCIS: New Orleans: Dead Man Calling
The team investigates the copycat murder of an unsolved case from 150 years ago that spawned a legendary ghost story Gregorio is spooked when the case is connected to a recent séance and a local medium.
USWABC 21:30 The Mayor: The Filibuster
Courtney discovers that his old elementary school s music program is in danger of being eliminated Jermaine embraces his new role as communications director Dina pushes T.K. to realize the significance of his job.
USWNYW 21:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Kicks
Jake is officially back at the precinct but is temporarily assigned desk duty Jake tries to use a loophole to get back in the field Rosa believes Pimento may be cheating on her.
USWCBS 21:00 Bull: A Business of Favors
The DA s office asks Bull to assist them in their prosecution of a fraternity when a pledge accidentally drowns during a hazing incident.
USWNBC 21:00 This Is Us: Deja Vu
Kate visits Kevin on the set of his movie Randall and Beth get exciting news Rebecca tries to reconnect with Jack.
UKBBC 21:00 Our Girl
Georgie is deployed with 2 Section to Nepal on a humanitarian mission following a earthquake. Georgie thinks she has put Elvis behind her and is drawn to one of the Nepalese NGO s with dangerous consequences.
USWPIX 21:00 DC s Legends of Tomorrow: Aruba-Con
When the Legends realize they broke the timeline Rip Hunter arrives to relieve them of duty a new threat arises when Rory spots Julius Caesar in Aruba Sara Nate and Ray devise a plan to stop Julius Caesar from conquering the modern world.
USWNYW 21:00 The Mick: The Visit
Mickey takes Sabrina to visit her mother in jail to gain closure but Mickey may need it the most Chip is in danger while behind bars and uses Jimmy for help.
USWABC 20:30 Fresh Off the Boat: First Day
Eddie wants to join the football team despite Jessica forbidding him to try out Emery learns Evan will be in middle school with him Louis battles with Kenny Roger s right-hand man over changes at the steakhouse.
USWCBS 20:00 NCIS: Exit Strategy
Torres partner mysteriously vanishes and the subsequent investigation leads to new evidence in a decade-old murder Ducky s friend presents him with a new opportunity during his guest lecture series.
USWPIX 20:00 The Flash: The Flash Reborn
With Barry in the speed force Iris Kid Flash Joe and Vibe must protect Central City a powerful armored villain threatens to level the city if the Flash doesn t appear Cisco decides to break Barry out of the speed force.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: The Blind Auditions Part 6
The auditions conclude as vocalists perform for coaches Miley Cyrus Jennifer Hudson Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.
UKCHANNEL4 20:00 The Great British Bake Off
It s Italian week and the bakers face a Sicilian signature a deceptively tricky technical and a fiddly showstopper in the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the tent.
USWNYW 20:00 Lethal Weapon: Born to Run
Murtaugh and Riggs investigate the mysterious death of famous singer Shaye s bodyguard Murtaugh uses his daughter s knowledge of the singer to uncover possible suspects Murtaugh helps Riggs learn about relationships.


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USWABC 22:01 The Good Doctor: Oliver
Dr. Melendez and Dr. Unger discover their patient isn t being completely honest with them Dr. Browne must learn to communicate with Dr. Murphy as they race back to the hospital with a donated organ.
USWNBC 22:01 The Brave: The Greater Good
Received intel points to an international arms deal Patricia makes a controversial decision that could lead to a big breakthrough a weak link in Boothe s men must be found to carry out the mission.
USWCBS 22:00 Scorpion: Grow a Deer a Female Deer
When poachers almost kill a pregnant deer the team tries to save the deer and the fawn Happy and Toby discuss the future of their family.
USWCBS 21:30 Me Myself I: The Card
Young Alex gives away his most prized possession to impress his crush mid-life Alex struggles to find the money for a trip older Alex tries to make birthday plans so he won t have to spend it alone.
UKITV 21:00 Liar
Check Mate. When a deception in Laura s personal life comes to light she is left with no one to turn to and she resorts to dangerous methods to force Andrew s confession.
UKBBC 21:00 Rellik
The story of the acid murderer s first victim is revealed as another suspect enters the frame. Gabriel receives some help in his investigation from an unexpected source but is the situation more complex than it seems
USWCBS 21:00 Kevin Can Wait: Kevin Goes Nuts
Kevin goes under cover to find out if Sara has a secret boyfriend Jack searches for an illness he can claim as his own after the truth about his peanut allergy is discovered.
USWPIX 21:00 Valor: Pilot
When a top-secret mission in Somalia goes awry only Nora and Gallo return to the states it s discovered that their missing teammate Jimmy is being held captive by terrorists Nora and Gallo are determined to rescue him.
USWNYW 21:00 The Gifted: rX
Blink goes into shock after exerting her powers beyond their limits Caitlin and Eclipse must find a special serum that will help Blink recover Reed faces some difficult choices about his family Polaris runs into some trouble.
USWCBS 20:31 9JKL: Relationship Guy
Josh s mission to have his first successful one night stand is derailed when his date bonds with his parents the following morning.
USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Relaxation Integration
As Sheldon stresses about picking a wedding date Amy tries to convince him he has a more laid-back side Koothrappali and Stuart compete to win the heart of Bernadette s new coworker.
USWNYW 20:00 Lucifer: The One With the Baby Carrot
Lucifer removes his wings Linda worries that Lucifer is neglecting his own well-being Lucifer and Chloe must put their differences aside to solve a case that Lucifer has taken a sudden interest in Detective Pierce s past is revealed.
USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Girl of Steel
Kara deals with the loss of Mon-El by focusing her energy on being Supergirl and concentrating on a mysterious new threat Alex confesses a secret to Maggie a citizen of National City has a mysterious connection to Kara Lena makes a bold move.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: The Blind Auditions Part 5
The auditions continue as vocalists perform for coaches Miley Cyrus Jennifer Hudson Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Retraction Reaction
Leonard s job is at stake after he gives an embarrassing radio interview Amy and Bernadette bond over having to hide their success from Sheldon and Howard.


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USWABC 22:00 Designated Survivor: One Year In
One year into office President Kirkman is determined to rebuild the Capitol after the catastrophic attack and capture those responsible a hijacked Russian plane puts Kirkman s diplomatic skills to the test.


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USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Proposal Proposal
Amy answers Sheldon s marriage proposal Howard and Bernadette struggle with unexpected news.


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USWCBS 20:30 Star Trek: Discovery


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USWNYW 21:01 The Orville: About a Girl
The Orville travels to Bortus planet the crew debates controversial surgeries for newborns.


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UKBBC 21:00 Rellik
Gabriel comes face-to-face with the prime suspect in the serial murders but his deep personal connection to the case could risk jeopardising his career. As a dangerous game of cat and mouse ramps up to its climax Gabriel begins to lose control.


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UKBBC 21:00 Strike
The Silkworm: Part 2. Delving deeper into the hidden meanings and concealed secrets of Bombyx Mori Strike and Robin scour all corners of London s literary world to unmask Quine s killer.
UKITV 21:00 Victoria
The Sins of the Father. Despite giving birth to a healthy Prince of Wales Victoria finds herself paralysed by an inexplicable sorrow.


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UKBBC2 21:00 Gardeners' World
Monty s thoughts turn to spring when he gives recommendations for bulbs to plant that will thrive in pots. He also shows how to prune summer fruiting raspberries. In Norfolk Frances Tophill visits a gardener who at 97 still gardens every day.


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UKBBC 21:00 Rellik
DCI Gabriel Markham and his team are working to find a serial killer when a break in the case leads them to a potential culprit. Gabriel is torn between his conviction that they already know who the killer is and the seemingly irrefutable evidence.