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UKFILM4 23:20 Good Will Hunting
Poignant story of a troubled young genius who finds his allegiance to his friends and blue-collar background challenged by new opportunities. A beautiful postgraduate student and an unusual therapist aid him in his struggle to resolve the anger and confusion that accompany his extraordinary talent for assimilating information and solving vexing mathematical problems.
USWABC 22:00 The Catch: The Knock-Off
Alice s focus on her recent case leads Ben to confront her about their relationship Ben and Rhys help Justine solve the biggest case of her career.
USWNBC 22:00 The Blacklist: Philomena
The task force chases a bounty hunter employed to go after Red s closest associates Ressler takes on a new assignment with a former colleague.
USWCBS 21:30 Life in Pieces: Ear Scorn Registry Manuscript
Colleen goes to Tim for help with an embarrassing ailment Joan helps Dougie buy a gift for Matt and Colleen s wedding Heather s friends want to include Jen in their mommy group.
USWABC 21:01 Scandal: Mercy
Olivia and her team feel defeated by Peus a threat to the White House changes everything.
USWCBS 21:01 Mom: A Cricket and a Hedge Made of Gold
Everyone goes to Bonnie with their problems after Marjorie decides to take some time off from the group Christy tries to overcome a painful memory.
USWNBC 21:00 Chicago Med: Deliver Us
A mother is desperate to help her daughter beat cancer Dr Charles asks Sarah to conduct his daughter Robin s psych evaluation Dr Choi puts pressure on Noah when a residency spot becomes available.
UKBBC2 21:00 The Last Kingdom
Aethelflaed is missing and Aethelred and the Saxons return to Winchester to break the news to King Alfred while Uhtred goes home to Gisela withplans to uncover the truth by his own means.
USWPIX 21:00 Riverdale: Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again
Alice wants Betty to help with the Jason Blossom investigation Jughead wonders if it s the right time to give his father another chance Fred and Mary attend the homecoming dance.
USWCBS 20:31 The Great Indoors: The Heartbreaker
Jack sets up a double date to get Eddie out of a post-divorce rut Emma decides to break up with her boyfriend.
USWNBC 20:30 Powerless: No Consequence Day
In the wake of Lois Lane s death Ron inspires the team to test out an intriguing theory Emily and Wendy get in trouble with the law Jackie takes up drinking Teddy makes a power move.
USWABC 20:00 Grey s Anatomy: Don t Stop Me Now
Bailey and April work to fix things between Richard and Catherine Eliza continues to pursue Arizona one of Alex s previous patients returns to Grey Sloan.
USWNBC 20:00 Superstore: Cheyenne s Wedding
Things don t go as planned on Cheyenne and Bo s wedding day Amy and Jonah dodge relationship rumors Glenn learns of upcoming layoffs Dina talks her way into the wedding party.
USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory
USWPIX 20:00 Supernatural: The Future
Sam devises a way to stop Lucifer s baby Dean is furious when he discovers that someone stole the colt Kelly makes a bold choice about the baby s future.


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USWABC 22:00 Designated Survivor: Lazarus
President Kirkman considers candidates for vice president scandal embroils Kimble Hookstraten agent Wells and Jason Atwood return from North Dakota with a new lead journalist Abe Leonard s investigation takes an unexpected turn.
USWNBC 22:00 Chicago P.D.: Grasping for Salvation
The murder weapon in the killing of a teenage boy is linked to a case Voight worked on 17 years ago the victim s father wants Area Central Homicide to take the case.
USWCBS 22:00 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: Blowback
The International Response Team is investigated by the FBI after a mission in Kurjikistan results in the death of a suspect.
USWCBS 21:00 Criminal Minds: Unforgettable
The BAU investigates when several federal government employees including a close friend of Walker s succumb to symptoms of a heart attack Reid anxiously awaits his trial date.
USWNBC 21:00 Law Order: Special Victims Unit: The Newsroom
Benson and Barba ask witnesses to risk their jobs after a news anchor makes an on-air accusation of rape against her boss.
USWNYW 21:00 Empire: Love Is a Smoke
Lucious gets unexpected news from Cookie Giuliana persuades Lucious to comply with her new plans Anika and Tariq devise a new way forward.
USWPIX 21:00 The 100: DNR
Jasper and Bellamy embark on a quest Clarke struggles to keep the peace after word of Jaha s discovery spreads.
USWABC 20:30 Speechless: R-U-N-- RUNAWAY
When Maya learns J.J. tried to run away she wants to help him complete the task so he can have the experience Jimmy struggles to have serious talks with the kids.
USWNBC 20:00 Blindspot: Regard a Mere Mad Rager
Jane and Weller go under cover on a high stakes scavenger hunt run by powerful hackers Shepherd needs to procure a dangerous weapon in Thailand.
USWNYW 20:00 Shots Fired: Hour 6: The Fire This Time
In Gate Station a violent riot erupts between citizens and the police Ashe and Preston confront Gov. Eamons regarding their latest suspicions surrounding Joey s murder Ashe takes matters into her own hands when it comes to Javier.
USWPIX 20:00 Arrow: Dangerous Liaisons
Oliver Team Arrow ARGUS and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase Felicity needs to deliver something illegal that will entice Helix to go after Chase.


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USWABC 22:00 Marvel s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: All the Madame s Men
Daisy teams up with an unlikely partner Aida prepares to put her endgame into effect.
USWNBC 22:00 Chicago Fire: Carry Their Legacy
Casey reunites with a former colleague Dawson and Brett serve their time in retraining Severide tries to fix what s going on with Anna.
USWCBS 22:00 48 Hours: NCIS
USWABC 21:30 Imaginary Mary: In a World Where Worlds Collide
Ben s meeting with Alice s friends goes well despite her concerns Ben makes a surprising confession.
USWNBC 21:30 Great News: Bear Attack
Carol worries when Katie volunteers to cover a story involving a bear on the loose Greg tries to get Chuck and Portia to do some friendly bantering at the end of the show.
USWNBC 21:00 Great News: Pilot
Cable news producer Katie is horrified when her mom Carol gets an internship at The Breakdown Katie hits a roadblock while producing a big story.
USWCBS 21:00 Bull: Stockholm Syndrome
The wife of a man whom Danny helped imprison for manslaughter detonates a bomb at the TAC offices and takes the team hostage to force Bull to prove her husband s innocence.
USWPIX 21:00 iZombie: Wag the Tongue Slowly
Liv consumes the brain of a murder victim who had the reputation of being an office gossiper Blaine and Peyton grow closer as they wait to see if Ravi is able to reverse the effects of the cure Major is one step away from fulfilling a promise.
USWNYW 21:00 Prison Break: The Prisoner s Dilemma
Michael Whip and Ja make a deal with the devil for another chance to escape from Ogygia T-Bag meets with Kellerman to gather more information on Michael s resurrection.
USWNYW 20:31 The Mick: The Implant
Sabrina tells Mickey she wants to augment her figure Jimmy takes Chip and Ben to a baseball game to teach them how to be more masculine.
USWNYW 20:00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Last Ride
Jake and Charles go to extremes to catch a local bike thief Rosa tries to soothe Terry s ego when it turns out he s not in the lead for Mr. Nine-Nine Amy spends some precious time with Holt.
USWPIX 20:00 The Flash: The Once and Future Flash
Barry travels to the future to find out Savitar s still unknown identity in the hope of saving Iris the hunt for Killer Frost continues in 2017.
USWCBS 20:00 NCIS: Keep Going
During an NCIS hit-and-run investigation Palmer joins a stranger on the outside ledge of a building in an attempt to save his life.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Live Top 12 Eliminations
Ten artists are revealed as safe by America s votes two artists compete for the Instant Save and one will be eliminated.


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USWABC 22:01 Quantico: MHORDER
Still reeling from the shock of recent events the team uses a party as a ruse to corner the collaborators.
USWNBC 22:01 Taken: Gone
The ODNI is forced to deliver Mejia to the FBI but the cartel plans to hijack the transfer Bryan takes extreme measures to keep Mejia in his custody.
USWCBS 22:00 Scorpion: Bat Poop Crazy
Team Scorpion explores a deep cave system in an effort to prevent a bat population from harming the North American ecosystem the team dons Halloween costumes for Walter s impending immigration inspection.
USWCBS 21:30 2 Broke Girls: And the 80s Movie
Max befriends a bouncer whose arm wrestlers become the latest patrons at the dessert bar when Max runs out of sexy things to text Randy Oleg offers to take over as her ghost writer.
USWNYW 21:01 APB: Ricochet
When Gideon is blamed for recent terrorist attacks he and Capt. Conrad attempt to track down the real culprit Danny continues to use his technological skills to disrupt the city.
USWPIX 21:00 Jane the Virgin: Chapter Sixty
Jane is finally a published author Rogelio is intimidated by his younger male co-star Luisa and her girlfriend Eileen are back in town to visit Rafael Petra must convince Anezka to come back to Miami to answer some questions for the police.
USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Property Division Collision
Sheldon and Leonard disagree about how to divide their shared belongings Koothrappali and Stuart fight to be the most helpful to Bernadette during her final weeks of pregnancy.
USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Ace Reporter
Lena s ex-boyfriend comes to National City to unveil his nano-technology breakthrough Lena asks Kara to attend Jack s conference with her for support.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Live Top 12 Performances
The top 12 artists perform for coaches Alicia Keys Adam Levine Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Shania Twain advises the singers.
USWNYW 20:00 Gotham: Heroes Rise: How the Riddler Got His Name
Nygma begins to introduce himself to Gotham as The Riddler Bullock and Lucius get caught up in Nygma s mind games the Court of the Owls reveals its next move.
USTHISTV 18:00 At First Sight
An architect Mira Sorvino falls for a blind masseur Val Kilmer and convinces him to have experimental surgery to restore vision.


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USWCBS 22:00 Elementary: The Art of Sleights and Deception
Holmes and Watson investigate the death of a magician who dies while performing a classic stunt Watson suspects Bell is being targeted by the ex-husband of his girlfriend Chantal.
USWNBC 22:00 Shades of Blue: Unpaid Debts
Wozniak goes after Bianchi for breaking their agreement Harlee tries to unite the team around an illegal mission to repay Tufo s brother s debt to a local drug dealer.
UKITV 21:00 Grantchester
When Sidney Chambers begins receiving sinister anonymous phone calls he realises he is connected to a series of murders targeting respected figures in the community.
USWNBC 21:00 Chicago Justice: Drill
The trial of a gang member accused of killing an innocent girl takes a turn following the discovery of the murder weapon Stone s obsession for justice endangers the family of a cooperating witness.
USWCBS 21:00 Madam Secretary: Global Relief
When warring rebel groups threaten Somali food relief efforts and kidnap an American aide Elizabeth considers asking a notorious Russian arms dealer for help Henry is taken off the VFF doomsday cult case.
USWABC 20:00 Once Upon a Time: Where Bluebirds Fly
USWCBS 20:00 NCIS: Los Angeles: Battle Scars
The NCIS team must work with Hetty s former Vietnam War colleagues after a highly decorated Navy captain kidnaps a Veterans Affairs administrator who has been siphoning funds.
UKBBC2 20:00 Top Gear
Matt LeBlanc drives an eight-wheeled rescue vehicle from Russia Rory Reid turns the world s ugliest car into a luxury yacht and Chris Harris reviews the new Porsche Cayman. Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay is the studio guest.


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UKBBC 19:20 Doctor Who
Smile. The language of the future is emoji The Doctor takes Bill to a spectacular city on a distant planet but where are the colonists A band of cute droids hold the deadly answer.
UKBBC2 03:55 Doctor Who
The Pilot. Two worlds collide when the Doctor meets Bill. A chance encounter with a girl with a star in her eye leads to a terrifying chase across time and space and Bill s mind is opened to a universe that is bigger and more exciting than she could possibly have imagined.


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UKBBC 22:35 The Graham Norton Show
On Graham s sofa are One Direction star Harry Styles giving an exclusive UK television performance of his debut solo single Sign of the Times Irish funnyman Brendan O Carroll and comedian Rob Brydon talking about TV series The Trip to Spain .
USWCBS 21:00 Hawaii Five-0: Elua La Ma Nowemapa
A conspiracy theorist with compelling information that JFK s own cabinet planned his assassination is murdered.
USWCBS 20:00 MacGyver: Pliers
Mac and the team search for a kidnapped prodigy from Mac s former middle school with only pliers and some wire Mac attempts to rescue the young genius.


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USWABC 22:00 The Catch: The Birthday Party
Someone from Alice s past resurfaces and asks for her help Ben and Margot work together to keep a sweet 16 party from getting out of hand.
USWNBC 22:00 The Blacklist: Requiem
Memories of the past set Red on a dangerous collision course with an enemy determined to destroy his criminal empire.
UKMORE4 21:00 The Good Fight
Henceforth Known as Property. Diane and Lucca represent an ovarian cancer survivor who wants custody of her previously donated embryos. Someone creates a fake social media account for Maia and Mike Kresteva visits Reddick Boseman and Kolstad.
UKBBC2 21:00 The Last Kingdom
Winchester celebrates Aethelred and Aethelflaed s wedding but the festivities are short lived as the clouds of war gather and Alfred runs out of options to keep the peace. When rumours swirl Alfred s mistrust of Uhtred reaches a new low and Uhtred is relegated in his duties as the warlord of Wessex.
USWABC 21:00 Scandal: Trojan Horse
Olivia and the team work to bring down Peus as the Electoral College vote draws near the fight for power results in another death.
USWNBC 21:00 The Blacklist: Dembe Zuma
After weeks of hunting for Dembe Red and the task force finally get a lead on his whereabouts Dembe takes a calculated risk.
USWCBS 20:31 The Great Indoors: Step One: Shelter
Jack is forced to crash at Clark s tiny apartment until he can find his own place Brooke has to tell the gang that the office perks are being taken away due to budget cuts.
USWNBC 20:30 Powerless: Green Furious
Emily has her first board meeting and must deliver on a big idea with the help of Green Fury Teddy tries to find a way to get Green Fury s attention Jackie brings her daughter to work.
USWABC 20:00 Scandal: The Trail
As Gideon looks into Amanda s past Olivia and Fitz s start on the campaign trail is revisited.
USWCBS 20:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Geology Elevation
Sheldon gets jealous when a co-worker wins an award Wolowitz finds an old remote control Stephen Hawking action figure that he made.
USWPIX 20:00 Supernatural: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious circumstances of an attack by an invisible hellhound at a campsite two of Crowley s own personal demons uncover what he has been hiding Castiel discovers a lead on Kelly Kline.


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USWABC 22:00 Designated Survivor: The Ninth Seat
President Kirkman struggles to put together a new Supreme Court FBI agent Hannah Wells goes undercover Seth contends with journalist Abe Leonard who returns from the Middle East with an explosive story.
USWNBC 22:00 Chicago P.D.: Sanctuary
A priest and parishioners block law enforcement from entering a church where two murder suspects are suspected of hiding Rixton is caught in a lie with Voight.
USWCBS 22:00 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: Pankration
An American visiting Greece to get more involved in his family s business is found beaten in a rough part of Athens Jack struggles with having to tell his wife where their son is.
USWNYW 21:00 Empire: Sound Fury
When Lucious announces his new project Cookie vows to dethrone him igniting an epic battle Jamal befriends a fellow musician in rehab Hakeem and Tiana fight Nessa for a spot in the music showcase.
USWNYW 20:00 Shots Fired: Hour 5: Before the Storm
Cory reveals details that help Preston and Ashe zero in on the people whom they believe were involved in Joey Campbell s death Ashe attempts to gain control of her personal life.


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USWABC 22:00 Marvel s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: No Regrets
The truth behind Fitz s turn threatens to bring down all of S.H.I.E.L.D.
USWCBS 22:00 NCIS: New Orleans: Krewe
Pride listens in on a wiretap of Mayor Hamilton the NCIS team investigates when Navy weapons get stolen in a train heist featuring musical performances by Sheryl Crow.
USWABC 21:30 Imaginary Mary: Prom-Com
Andy struggles to find a prom date while Dora repeatedly turns down a persistent suitor Alice convinces Dora to go to the dance.
USWCBS 21:00 Bull: Bring It On
When Bull assists Jules Caffrey a high-powered attorney on trial for his fiancée s murder he takes advantage of his client s penchant for courtroom theatrics.
USWABC 21:00 Fresh Off the Boat: The Masters
After learning that Tiger Woods is half Thai Louis and Jessica are inspired to make Eddie and Evan the next great Asian golf prodigies.
USWPIX 21:00 iZombie: Eat Pray Liv
Liv consumes the brain of a murdered lifestyle guru Ravi s former boss gets closer to uncovering the truth Blaine and Peyton grow closer.
USWNYW 21:00 Prison Break: The Liar
T-Bag warns Sara about Poseidon s henchmen Lincoln attempts to retrieve his confiscated passport Michael plans his next move.
USWNYW 20:00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Serve Protect
A burglary on the set of a detective TV show distracts Jake and Rosa from the precinct s on-going evaluation Jake is charmed by the glamour of show business.
USWPIX 20:00 The Flash: Attack on Central City
Flash and the team must find a way to stop Grodd and his army of gorillas when Grodd brings the battle to Earth-1 Jesse Quick decides she wants to stay with Wally on Earth-1.
USWCBS 20:00 NCIS: One Book Two Covers
Torres turns to old case notes and contacts after a Marine s murder becomes linked to a former dirt bike gang he joined for a year-long undercover operation.
USWNBC 20:00 The Voice: Live Playoffs Night 2
The playoffs continue as the top 24 artists from two teams perform in front of coaches Alicia Keys Adam Levine Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani for their chance at a spot in the live shows.


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USWABC 22:01 Quantico: KUMONK
Caleb interrupts a conversation between Clay and Claire about the future of the task force Alex leads an operation to expose the collaborators plans to damage the president s reputation.
USWNBC 22:01 Taken: Leah
The ODNI assists an Israeli spy with early onset Alzheimer s whose own agency is out to kill her Bryan s distrust of Asha leads to a painful argument.
USWCBS 22:00 Scorpion: Strife on Mars
The team attempts to extract a pair of scientists trapped inside a failing and dangerous bio-dome designed for Mars.
USWNYW 21:01 APB: Pandora s Box
After Gideon s life is threatened Conrad sends him home to get away from District 13 Murphy discovers the reason why Gideon is in danger.
UKITV 21:00 Broadchurch
Hardy and Ellie uncover the truth behind the rape of Trish Winterman.
UKBBC 20:30 Guardians of the Galaxy
A space adventurer becomes the quarry of bounty hunters after he steals an orb coveted by a treacherous villain. Based on Marvel Comics characters.
USWNYW 20:00 24: Legacy: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 p.m.
Rebecca s deal to save Donovan doesn t go as predicted Carter must go into the field to facilitate an important exchange.
USWPIX 20:00 Supergirl: Exodus
Alex searches for Jeremiah while Kara investigates a series of alien abductions in an effort to get Snapper Carr to run a story that would help her stop Cadmus Kara agrees to set up an interview between Snapper and Supergirl.


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USWCBS 22:00 NCIS: Los Angeles: The Queen s Gambit
A short-staffed NCIS team tackles an abduction case while Hetty is held in Washington D.C. and another team member remains in the ICU.